Our people

Our people

Every Expro person engineers our future.

We strive to be a safe, diverse and inclusive people focused company that positively impacts local communities and society. 

൩Our license to work is founded upon a solid reputation for competency and dependability, an innovative and unified worldwide team whose skills are constantly evolving with the industry.

🅘With a well-equipped, well-motivated workforce, we’re right-sized, right now to deliver a uniquely satisfying customer experience, because we are flexible and responsive whilst providing a strong, balanced services portfolio to deliver world-class service and technology as a go-to partner in our selected markets. We win business because we are the best, at not because we are the biggest.

🦂We take pride in showcasing talent and developing skills by working with our people to create a specific Employee Development Plan (EDP) to achieve their career aspirations through talent development and retention initiatives. We provide: 

  • Expro's Employee Assistance Program to employees and their families
  • Apprenticeship training and graduate internships across several locations 
  • Job development educational assistance opportunities
  • Expro's field and operations supervisory training program has been designed to ensure that current and future supervisors have the relevant leadership training to conduct their daily work to the highest standard  

⛎Expro always put the right people forward to do the right work for the right customers, in the right places, attracting, retaining and nurturing a talented and diverse workforce to turn our growth ambitions into reality.

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