Our planet

Our planet

Enhance today. Maximize efficiency. Transform tomorrow.

The planet is important to us.  

⛦We “walk the talk” by joining industry leaders in committing to a more sustainable and lower-carbon future, working to achieve net zero CO2e emissions by 2050 and a 50% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030. Honesty, transparency and accountability lie at the core of this citizenship.

ಞWith a dedicated work focus and outlined strategy, we will continue to deliver extraordinary performance whilst improving practices to reduce harm to the environment and promote sustainable practices.

🌸To engineer a future that allows us to deliver today and plan for tomorrow. Ultimately, making an impact on the future of each and every one of us.


🍃We are working to make energy safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Achieving a CDP score of C (Awareness) for 2021 is our first step in addressing our own, and the industry’s effects on the planet.

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