Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing Slickline

A new era in well surveillance

A new era in well surveillance

From deployment to evaluation, we can give you a more in-depth insight into your well.

 Monitoring your wells' requires state of the art sensing technologies. Fiber optic sensing technology has become an increasing part of surveillance in the industry, driven by technological enhancements and greater knowledge of what it can do.Surveillance is key to successful well and reservoir management. Our Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) Slickline delivers the capability to monitor your entire well by performing a straightforward thru-tubing well intervention. It is used to monitor dynamic behavior of the well, providing a health check and an accurate diagnosis of any well and reservoir issues.Compared to traditional thru-tubing well surveillance methods, a key benefit of DFOS Slickline is the diagnosis of the well’s integrity and performance characteristics within hours of the survey completion, this helps you make important time-sensitive decisions.Complimented by DFOS Slickline, the Expro Well Intervention and Integrity portfolio provides an enhanced cased hole offering and comprehensive slickline mechanical service across the entire well lifecycle. 


  • Well integrity assurance
  • Tubing and completion component leak detection
  • Casing leak detection
  • Overburden assessment
  • Behind casing flow detection
  • Crossflow and zonal flow assessment
  • Gas lift optimization
  • Injectivity and thief zone assessment

Features and benefits:

Straightforward thru-tubing deployment Enables distributed temperature and acoustic sensingMonitors dynamic well behaviorFast processing of data on-site allows enhanced decision makingAllows additional logging tools to be deployed on the bottom of the DFOS Slickline to maximize the intervention opportunity
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