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Sustainable Energy Solutions

We all have a part to play in creating a brighter future for our planet. As the energy industry embraces transition and the need to make real and visible headway towards a lower carbon world, the key enablers to change will be those who can truly differentiate themselves as solutions providers.Operators expect more from service partners in helping to achieve their carbon-reduction commitments. It’s about demonstrating the ability to reduce emissions at every stage of the energy collection process. But it’s also so much more than that.It’s about experience, expertise; relationships and trust. The ability to transfer decades of skills, techniques and proven technologies to the immediate challenges of today, combined with the know-how to grasp the complexities of tomorrow’s challenges and be open and collaborative in engineering the right solutions for each one.

As recognized global well experts and one of the most trusted partners in the energy industry, Expro already plays an important role in enabling our clients to achieve their carbon reduction goals in support of the energy transition.

Today, Expro’s wells expertise and range of well construction, intervention, integrity, and flow measurement offerings are easily transferable to the emerging markets. Our partnerships have expanded beyond oil and gas, and we are demonstrating that our tried-and-tested technologies and depth of expertise can be utilized in the emerging new energy segments, such as geothermal, where we can be your strategic partner of choice.

And, as the industry seeks to address each of tomorrow’s challenges, we are here to devise and deliver each solution, helping to achieve a sustainable business for Expro and our customers, and a brighter future for our planet.Not because we have to, but because we want to. And because we can.  

Across our portfolio and across the Expro world, we are continually demonstrating our ability to reduce not only our own carbon footprint but, crucially, those of our customers.Expro technologies are being developed at pace to meet the demands of the Energy Transition. Each play their part in reducing our carbon footprint and assisting our customers to achieve their environmental ambitions.Here’s just some of our success stories to date:

Flare elimination

Natural gas flaring represents a lost economic opportunity but is also a major source of emissions. Expro has devised and delivered an alternative solution to gas flaring, enabling a client to obtain reduced flared gas gains and optimise production.

Autonomous connections in well construction

Expro’s iTONG™♔ system is driving greater rig floor automation in Well Construction. This technology offers seamless integration into existing automated rig operations, marking a step towards fully autonomous tubular running; reducing personnel requirements, and delivering operational efficiencies and savings.

Ultra high rate gas separation

Expro’s MegaFlow™𝄹 enables customers to accurately appraise production potential of ultra-high-rate gas condensate fields; reliably design suitable production processes; and flow the well at ultra-high rates. With a compact footprint, it is the world’s highest capacity, completely modular Gas-plus-Condensate test separator, designed for highly efficient separation of liquids from gas at ultra-high flowrates.

Safe, efficient subsea well access

Expro's Riserless Well Intervention System is a primary well control safety system providing a safe and efficient method of gaining subsea well access from an intervention vessel. Deployed from a mono-hull vessel, this wire-through-water system can be rapidly mobilized and deployed for all subsea well access requirements, including production enhancement and well integrity interventions, as well as across Plug & Abandonment operations.

Assured annulus integrity

Maintaining the integrity of the well structure is key to allowing wells to continue to produce safely with no harm to personnel, infrastructure, or the environment, while adhering to legislative requirements. Expro’s Octopoda™ annulus intervention system makes it economically profitable to regain shut-in and low production wells. It's the first technology allowing direct access to the well annuli, providing remediation of well integrity issues, while assuring integrity.

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